Viewpoint on EMRs – Past, Present and Future

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A doctor shares his take on the current state of US EMRs in the article, Electronic Medical Records – Past, Present and Future? He thinks that past approaches, technologies and solutions still persist in present EMR systems.


Here are a few insights shared in the article:

  • Duct tape solutions such as scanning paper records into the system” are still present in big EMR systems today.
  • Many social media platforms sport far more usability and access to information than EMRs, while maintaining security and integrity of data.”
  • “Instead of identifying the problems of paper-based medical charts and developing tools to overcome their limitations, we added technology to the same paradigms. This only resulted in improved readability, but not an improvement in how physicians access the information of these systems.”
  • “We need a system to align medical professionals with data that needs to be collaborative, not passive, and include analysis with the right data delivered to those who need it, when they need it, with all the data in one place. Systems that make the data “smart” through collaborative platforms that can analyze and interpret the data.

Read the article for more of the insights shared.

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